• Topicof the year 2014

    Back to basics. How to make the customer to be happy with you?

  • Inspirationalkey note

    How to create and keep the customer will be the topic of Bram Alkema, internationally acknowledged marketing expert from the Netherlands

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  • Practicaltips and tricks

    Are you lacking economic model, tools and methods?

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  • Introduction

    Uvodni slovo

    Creating the connection between seller and customer has never been easier but at the same time more difficult than today. Happiness of yur customer cannot be made by any mechanism or method. Trust your product and your company and focus on the delight of consumer!


  • Co zazijete

    • Confrontation with concrete experiences, successes and failures in building loyalty of companies across sectors
    • New marketing territories viewed by the keynote from the Netherlands
       SKYPE INTERVIEW with key note speaker
    • Live discussion blocks with representation of key players of retail and services market

  • Designed for

    Pro koho

    • Representatives of retailers, producers, financial, telco and other services
    • Marketing and Sales Directors
    • Specialists in customer relationship management
    • All who consider the topic of loyalty as essential for development of their business

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer


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